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Sales training with REVMANEX simulation

In sales,  is not just about convincing a client to pay the highest price, selling the highest volume, generating the highest profit, or obtaining the highest client satisfaction. It is about integrating all of these elements to contribute to the company’s value creation mission in a sustainable way.

Our sales and negotiation simulation, REVMANEX, allows participants to learn how to put these concepts into practice first-hand through an experiential learning approach.


How it works

As a sales rep, negotiate deals for 3 products with 2 clients.

Conduct a series of sales meetings with different buyers’ profiles to reach a deal.

Make smart decisions to achieve the best market share, gross contribution & customer satisfaction.

Stop and restart negotiations at any time, complete in 2-3 hours

Who is it for?

Corporate Training

For sales professionals to build sustainable selling skills to achieve revenue management excellence.

Develop a growth mindset & revenue management culture within an organization.

Fits perfectly in sales training programs, workshops, conferences and team building exercises.


Online, blended & face-to-face settings

Possibility to customize according to company’s needs.

Benefits for Organizations

Transformation throughout an organization.

Embed revenue management excellence.

Up-skill salesforce with a sustainable selling mindset.

Change in on-the-job behavior.

Higher Education

For undergraduate, graduate and executive students in marketing and sales.

Build key competencies in negotiation, sales and revenue management.

Fits perfectly in revenue & sales management, marketing and negotiation courses


Online, blended & face-to-face settings

Synchronous or asynchronous

Benefits for Students

Real-world practice

Build a relevant skillset for the future workplace

Increased retention of concepts

Fun, engaging & memorable learning experience

Learning outcomes

Master revenue management concepts

Avoid chasing revenues at any cost

Adopt a value creation mindset as the main sales goal

Balance value creation with profits, market share and client satisfaction

Acquire the right attitude, behavior & mindset

Build mental agility to navigate product strategies & customer profiles

Assess the scope for negotiation

Manage stress and achieve resilience in negotiations

Build effective negotiation skills

Learn how to to establish a successful sales deal

Manage what tactics to employ at the right time

Understand how to effectively negotiate

Develop self-awareness

Resist inner drive at the risk of losing value creation

Develop active listening & understand customer cues

Manage the fear of failure & master techniques for softening a deal

Discover how preparation is the key to success

Understanding of the product

Comprehend the commercial context

Decipher the purchaser’s personality

The industry

B2C-Consumer Goods

This version features vocabulary and industry settings that are adapted to fast moving consumer goods markets. It addresses challenges behind consumer goods sales & revenue management strategies.

REVMANEX features

A flexible online-based tool, accessible anywhere, just need an internet connection. Can be used individually or in small teams, over a period of 2 or 3 hours.


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