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Webinars for Instructors

Want to learn more about how to implement a simulation in your learning programs? We offer educational webinars that focus on guiding you through the ins and outs of our simulations and their pedagogical objectives.


InnovatorsDigital Markstrat

Learn how to bridge the digital skills gap with our latest digital marketing simulation, Digital Markstrat, in this short 7 minute webinar.

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InnovatorsComparing Markstrat vs. Digital Markstrat

Discover the different features and learning outcomes in our 2 top strategic marketing simulations, Markstrat & Digital Markstrat.

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InnovatorsDigital MediaPRO Part 1 – Simulation Overview

Marketing professor & expert simulation user, Sandrine Macé takes you through our digital transformation mini-simulation in this 40-minute webinar.

InnovatorsDigital MediaPRO Part 2 – Teaching Material

Marketing professor & expert simulation user, Sandrine Macé shares pedagogical tips and teaching material that complement Digital MediaPRO in the second part of this webinar series.

InnovatorsMaking Virtual Learning a Success with Simulations

Professor Carsten Bartsch shares how you can make your online courses engaging and impactful by using a business simulation, in this interactive 1-hour webinar.

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InnovatorsHow to Build Engaging Intro Marketing Courses

Allison Murn and Cory Nelson from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management share how our MixPRO marketing simulation has contributed to the success of their school's highly reputed Immersion Core program by employing learning by doing. 

InnovatorsTeaching Blue Ocean Strategy with BOS Simulation

Professor Alan Lish, from the University of Houston, shares why the BOS simulation is the perfect tool to help learners implement Blue Ocean theory and understand how it can be applied in a real business context.