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Why Use
Business Simulations?

The way that people learn is changing.

Traditional teaching methods such as lectures or powerpoints are becoming less effective. In today’s digital world, professors & trainers must provide a more interactive, engaging and effective way of learning to stay ahead of the curve and keep their participants’ attention. 

This is why an experiential learning approach is the key: it engages participants on another level and embeds knowledge for the long-term. It's no surprise that instructors from all over the world swear by our learning method.

9 benefits of using business simulations in your programs

Enhanced teamwork

During the simulation, students will be required to analyse and debate with their teammates concerning various issues. Together, teams must make decisions to stay ahead of the game.

Boosts Competitive Thinking

Our business simulations clearly reflect the impact that a sudden competitive move or a change in customer needs can have on a company. They also encourage teams to look beyond status quo for insight and ideas.

Encourages Analytical Thinking

All participants leave the experience with a more analytical way of thinking and thus are more prepared for the real world’s challenges.

Practiced decision-making

Our simulations allow students to learn as if they were positioned in a company, they will have to think on their feet and make quick decisions.

On-the-job experience

Simulations are a learning tool that replicate on-the-job, real-life experiences. Students get to play an actual job role and plan not only for short-term profits, but also for long-term objectives.

Engages emotions

The fast pace and hands-on experience create an intense energy which makes participants eager to apply their new skills. It is a lot of fun, but also hard work.

Increased Retention

By putting key theoretical concepts into practice, participants are better able to retain the learnings than through traditional learning methods.

Better Employability

By preparing participants for the business world, our simulations help boost their chances of getting employed or improve their effectiveness at their current job.bs

Trusted Globally

As industry pioneers, we have the trust of world-renowned institutions and organizations across the globe who have been using our simulations for over 30 years. 

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