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Simulation Tips from Users

The StratX Simulations community of instructors and participants often share their tips to succeed in using our simulations. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful ones to help enrich your experience with our simulations.

Please note that our simulations have been designed with learning as the key objective, not winning. The best tips are those that provide you with core principles to help you become a better professional. Beware of simplistic tips, such as  “it pays to increase price”, “concentrate on segment X”, etc. as they may have only been valid for a specific condition and have no general validity.

“10 Tips to Win MARKSTRAT” from Professor EASWAR KRISHNA IYER at Great Lakes University in Chenai, INDIA.

This is a valuable 27 min video covering in a structured way many of the important pedagogical concepts in MARKSTRAT.

Business Simulation: Markstrat

“Tips for Markstrat”, Professor Jun Todorovic, Associate Professor of Marketing, Purdue University, USA.

Professor Todorovic shares a comprehensive overview of how to make smart decisions in Markstrat, using the data and tools provided within the simulation.

Business Simulation: Markstrat

Markstrat Introduction, Professor Conor Henderson, University of Oregon, USA

In the 1-hour tutorial, Professor Conor Henderson goes in-depth to explain how to make decisions in Markstrat’s practice round

Business Simulation: Markstrat

How to Win Markstrat – Tips from a student

Matthew Fernandez, former Markstrat user, shares his tips on how to prevail in Markstrat in this detailed Medium article:


Business Simulation: Markstrat

Designing a new product in Markstrat, Professor Tim Daly, ZU College of Business

This tutorial shows you how to take the guess work out of product design in Markstrat R&D using the new Semantic Regression Tools.

Business Simulation: Markstrat

How to Win at Markstrat and In Business

Marketing expert Mehak Chadha shares some concrete advice on how to grow a success business, not only in Markstrat, but in real life.


Business Simulation: Markstrat