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The CircularPRO Global Challenge


Are you ready to showcase your sustainable marketing skills on a worldwide platform?

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Take part in the CircularPRO Global Challenge and experience the thrill of running a business sustainably in a realistic environment. Develop your marketing strategy, launch sustainable products and compete against the world's top teams for incredible prizes! It's FREE to enter and will only take 2-3 hours to complete. It's your choice to play individually or in teams of 3 people for the chance to claim the winning title. 

How does it work?

In the CircularPRO simulation, you'll be the Marketing Manager for an electronics company, competing to lead your two brands, MOJO & MOON for market leadership, in a highly eco-sensitive market.

Design eco-friendly products, reduce carbon footprints, and develop sustainable marketing strategies. Your success will be measured by the Share Price Index (SPI), balancing Financial Performance and Eco-Score. Smart, sustainable decisions will maximize your SPI and lead your brands to victory! 


Why Participate?

Showcase your marketing prowess

Compete against top talents from around the world and prove your strategic skills in a global competition. This is your chance to stand out and demonstrate your ability to succeed in a competitive, eco-sensitive market.

Boost your sustainability skills for the future

In today’s world where environmental stakes are higher than ever, mastering circular economy principles has never been so crucial. The CircularPRO Challenge equips you with essential skills that will be indispensable in the future of business. In just 2 to 3 hours, you’ll enhance your approach to sustainable marketing and gain practical knowledge applicable in real-world scenarios. 

Win some great prizes

  • 1st Place: $700 Amazon gift card (per team member)
  • 2nd Place: $500 Amazon gift card (per team member)
  • 3rd Place: $100 Amazon gift card (per team member)

Plus, StratX Simulations will match the total prize amount to donate to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, supporting their mission to create a circular economy globally. 

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Challenge Details

  • Registration Deadline: September 12th, 2024
  • Competition Start: September 16th, 2024, at 11am CET
  • Competition End: September 30th, 2024, at 6pm CET

Entry Details

  • Open to everyone
  • It's FREE to participate 
  • Participants can play alone or in teams of up to 3 people 

Ready to Take on the Challenge?

Register now to secure your spot in the CircularPRO Challenge. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sustainability skills, compete for fantastic prizes, and make a positive impact!


Challenge FAQs


What is CircularPRO?

CircularPRO is a sustainability simulation tool designed to teach circular economy principles through an interactive and engaging virtual market experience. Participants develop and implement sustainable marketing strategies to optimize their business performance.

Who can participate in the CircularPRO Challenge?

Anyone can participate! Whether you are an individual or part of a team, you are welcome to join. The challenge is open to students, professionals, and anyone interested in sustainability.

How will the competition work?

Participants will receive access to the CircularPRO simulation, and will complete each of the 5 rounds of the simulation asynchonously at their own pace. Time to complete all of the rounds should take 2-3 hours. Teams will have from September 16th until the 30th to complete all 5 rounds. The top three teams will be announced after the challenge is complete, on September 23rd.

Is there a fee to enter the competition?

No, it's free to enter the CircularPRO Challenge. All you need is access to a computer and an internet connection.

How do I register for the CircularPRO Challenge?

You can register by clicking the "Register Now" button above and filling out the registration form. Be sure to register before the deadline on September 12th, 2024.

What is the duration of the game play?

The game play lasts for 2-3 hours, during which you will immerse yourself in the CircularPRO simulation and compete to optimize your business strategies. You will have from Monday, September 16th at 11am CET until Friday, September 30th at 6pm CET to complete the simulation. 

Can I participate individually or do I need a team?

You can participate either individually or as part of a team. During the registration process, you can select your preference by adding additional team members. Please note that teams can have a maximum of 3 members.

How will my performance be evaluated?

Your performance will be evaluated based on your Share Price Index (SPI), which includes your overall business performance and Eco-Score, measuring the sustainability characteristics of your brand and circular company initiatives.

What are the prizes for the winners?

The top three teams will receive Amazon gift cards as follows:

  • 1st Place: $700 per team member
  • 2nd Place: $400 per team member
  • 3rd Place: $100 per team member
Additionally, StratX Simulations will match the total prize proceeds to donate to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.