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The new strategic digital marketing simulation: Digital Markstrat

An impactful and highly engaging digital marketing tool to integrate digital marketing strategy concepts into your marketing programs: the new Digital Markstrat business simulation.

Digital Markstrat is built on the renowned model of the number one strategic marketing simulation Markstrat, while combining key learnings from the digital era. The simulation will keep your participants on their toes as they put long-term strategies in place to grow their fictitious company’s Share Price Index in a highly competitive and digital sensitive market.

Developed for higher education, executive and corporate programs alike, Digital Markstrat has a running time of 2-5 days and will challenge your participants to:

  • Blend digital and traditional marketing strategy towards a common goal
  • Segment, target and position a portfolio of brands on a digital-sensitive market
  • Develop a long-term vision to grow their firm
  • Manage digital marketing as a profit-center

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Key concepts

Digital marketing strategy

Segmentation & positioning strategies in a digital sensitive market

Brand portfolio management

Put into practice

Manage established and emerging markets

Conduct market and competitor analysis

Blend digital and traditional marketing strategy

Research and development projects

Product portfolio and launches in a digital-sensitive market

Traditional and digital sales and distribution strategies

The industry

B2C-Durable Goods

Your participants will be tasked to manage the marketing department of an electronics division of a large corporation. They will compete with several other firms to market two types of durable goods to consumers and will be responsible for formulating and implementing the long-term marketing strategy of their division with a strong focus on digital marketing strategy such as implementing inbound campaigns and growth hacking opportunities to accelerate the marketing funnel.

Using industry-focused and digital marketing vocabulary and industry settings adapted to B2C situations, Digital Markstrat will give your participants the ultimate immersive experience of working in the B2C industry.

Turn your participants into the next generation of digital experts
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Digital Markstrat Dashboard

Digital Markstrat features

A cloud-based and highly modern sophisticated tool: With a modern interface and intuitive navigation, Markstrat Digital will leave your students with a highly beneficial and memorable learning experience.

This web-based strategic digital marketing simulation game can be used for remote, blended or face-to-face programs and is available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

What our BETA testers say about Digital Markstrat

“Being a long-time user of Markstrat in various programs (executive programs as well as academic master and bachelor programs), I decided to test the new Digital Markstrat with great interest.

“Obviously, in a more and more digitalized marketing world, how can you cope with firms’ reality in your courses without considering digital communication decisions, ecommerce development or the fact that consumer segments more or less digital-prone? I find it important both when teaching marketing for non-specialists or beginners or when teaching marketing plans in advanced marketing programs.

“Beyond that, I also value the added marketing powerhouse decisions which allow students to add short term marketing actions like bundles, partnerships or emailing campaigns to impact short-term performance along with long term impact decisions.”

Sophie Changeur, PhD, Full Professor of marketing, Amiens Graduate School of Business (France)

Using Digital Markstrat
Engage your class in a unique digital learning competition, choose Digital Markstrat to develop the next generation of digital experts
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