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Free Learning Guides

Tips, insights and trends in teaching, training and learning to help you implement impactful and engaging courses.

Exploring Business Simulations

Understand business simulation-based learning and its impact in the classroom. This guide goes over the ins and outs of business simulations and how you can use them effectively in your class.

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Digital Transformation in the Classroom

Prepare your students for the age of digital transformation. Discover an effective approach to applying marketing concepts in the digital age.

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Toolkit for Using Business Simulations

Make the most out of simulation-based learning by downloading our handy toolkit which covers how to implement a simulation in your curriculum.

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The Instructor's Survival Guide to Virtual Teaching

Discover how to seamlessly deliver your programs online, and learn how fellow instructors have implemented successful virtual courses in this guide.

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Engaging Generation Z in the Classroom

Uncover the learning behaviors of tomorrow’s workforce and learn the most effective teaching methods to engage them in the classroom.

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Using Business Simulations for L&D Programs

Download our short guide to find out why business simulations are an effective tool for learning and development programs and our top tips on using them.

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The Sales Skills Gap and How to Close it

Get sales professionals to thrive in a new era of selling. 

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