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Distance & blended learning with business simulations

Online-based experiential learning tools that allow flexible teaching options. 

Teaching online has become the norm recently, and as face-to-face courses return, you now have many options for delivery.

Whether you decide to run your programs 100% virtually, blended or completely face-to-face, our business simulations are compatible with your teaching goals. 

Online-based experiential learning tools that allow flexible teaching options.

Benefits to using simulations in a blended or online format

Less time planning, teaching & grading

  • In just a few clicks, the simulation is ready to run for your specific course, no matter the format.
  • Online automated debriefs and coaching sheets cut down on teaching time.
  • Online questionnaires and grading tools test learning outcomes & assess participants for you.
  • Online dashboard keeps track of participant progress.
  • All manuals and introductions are available online, and some sessions are recorded!


  • Fits perfectly in Asynchronous, Synchronous and hybrid-Flex courses.
  • Participants can make decisions in the simulation asychronously (online) or all at the same time (both online or in-person).


Real world business practice

  • Participants step into leadership roles in a company.
  • They must think on their feet and make quick decisions like in a real business role.
  • They build a relevant skillset for the workplace.

Build teamwork skills

  • Participants can work together from anywhere in the world.
  • They must make decisions together to ensure the success of their virtual company.

How to make your online & blended learning programs a success?

Pay attention to time zone differences

Give specific deadlines

Invite your teams to verify all their decisions together

Be clear about the interactions teams can have with you

Encourage video meetings to enhance socialization and group work

We can help you transform your

online & blended learning programs