COVID19  Conduct your courses online, or Blend onsite and distance learning with our web-based simulations! We are here to assist you.

Distance learning

All our simulations are compatible with on-site, blended and distance learning programs.

Distance learning

Our web based platforms for learners and educators allow anyone to connect from anywhere in the world.

Teams manage distance group-work with tools in the simulations allowing them to take control on decision screens. Combined with their preferred tool for video conferences (Skype, Zoom etc) and messaging systems (emails, messenger…), they can work together from anywhere in the world.

All manuals and introductions are available online, and some sessions are recorded!

Instructors can monitor the progress of their teams with their online dashboard, and share automated debriefs generated by the simulation, or prepare their own debriefs that will be delivered via their preferred tool for video conferences (Skype, Zoom etc).

An online questionnaire platform allows learners to test learning outcome from the simulation, and educators to follow the success of the exercise.

An online grading tool will generate grades for your teams based on your chosen grading system.

A simple, step-by-step process to running our simulations online:

How to make your distance learning program a success?

Pay attention to time zone differences if participants are located in different areas of the world

Give specific deadlines

Invite your teams to verify all their decisions together before the deadline

Be clear about the interactions teams can have with you: emails responded within 24h, specific time slots for coaching meetings?

Encourage video meetings to enhance socialization and group work

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