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Implement the Marketing Mix with the MixPRO business simulation


Master the 4P's of Marketing

MixPRO provides an impactful way to step into the life of a junior brand manager and take control on marketing mix decisions for 2 brands. 

Built on extensive experience from our marketing simulations Markstrat and BrandPRO, MixPRO will energize your introductory marketing programs and generate action-learning and excitement among participants.


Key Concepts

Pricing decisions


Product decisions


Communication decisions

Salesforce & distribution decisions

Turn your students into junior brand managers

with MixPRO today!

Put it into practice

Conduct market and competitor analysis 

Design a product


Set product prices

Allocate advertising resources 

Choose the right communication channels

Set distributor margins

Get your participants to master the 4Ps with MixPRO today

MixPRO Features

  • 100% web-based
  • 3 hours of decision-making 
  • Available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.


What instructors say about MixPRO:

“MixPRO takes the 4Ps and puts it all together, giving students an opportunity to get some hands-on experience. It lets them put the concepts into practice and see what they’ve learned in an analytical way.”
- Allison Murn, Senior Marketing Adjunct, The University of Minnesota