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In onsite or online courses, engaging students is a key to effective learning.
StratX Simulations, with its leading-edge business simulations, has been helping instructors deliver memorable experiential learning experiences in more than 80 countries and for more than 30 years.
We are your trusted ally to turn your classrooms into a fun learning environment and leave your students inspired for years to come.


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Why use our business simulations?

A Fun Learning Environment

Our business simulations create a competitive environment and an enjoyable way of learning core marketing concepts

Increased Retention

By putting key theoretical concepts into practice, participants are better able to retain the learnings than through traditional learning methods

Enhanced Teamwork

Students will be required to analyse and debate with their teammates concerning various issues. Together, teams must make decisions to stay ahead of the game

Real World Practice

Participants get hands-on experience with concepts based on solid mathematical models that mimic real-world environments

Better Employability

Our unique simulations prepare participants for the business world and help boost their chances of getting employed or improve their effectiveness at their current jobs

Trusted Globally

As industry pioneers, we have the trust of world-renowned institutions and organizations across the globe who have been using our business simulations software for over 30 years
Everything you need to know about business simulation-based learning and its impact in the classroom
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Which solution fits your needs?

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Fundamental marketing concepts with Markstrat



Blue Ocean Strategy with BOSS

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Fundamental digital marketing strategy concepts with the NEW Digital Markstrat

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Practice brand strategy with a focus on targeting & positioning with BrandPRO

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital media & communications with Digital MediaPRO

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

Make decisions on the four elements of the marketing mix with MixPRO

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We were founded on the simple theory: You learn by doing

30 years ago, our founder and INSEAD professor, Jean-Claude Larréché invented a strategic marketing business simulation called Markstrat. His theory was simple: if you give students a way to apply under real market conditions the theory they learned during their lessons, they will not only devote more energy but will also learn from their mistakes and successes alike.

And it’s this motto that’s stayed with us in the 30 years since we were founded.

Learn by doing
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