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Marketing strategy with the Markstrat Marketing Simulation



Develop Successful Strategic Marketers

Markstrat is a marketing simulation software which offers students and professionals a risk-free platform in order to test theories and make decisions.

Our number one marketing simulation will turn participants into effective strategic marketers. With 2-5 days of running time, Markstrat provides the complete strategic marketing experience for your educational programs.


Key Concepts




Brand portfolio management






Positioning strategies

Markstrat Screenshots


Markstrat features

  • Modern interface and intuitive navigation
  • Beneficial and memorable learning experience.
  • Available in 8 languages: Web versions in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese and installable versions in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Put into practice




Manage established and emerging markets



Conduct market and competitor analysis



Essential marketing tools



Research & development



Product portfolio and launches



Sales and distribution strategies

Pick your industry


B2C-Durable Goods

Markstrat’s classic version allows participants to design and implement a marketing strategy in a completely fictitious electronics market. The new web platform features modern vocabulary and industry settings matching today’s durable consumer goods market realities.




This marketing simulation software features vocabulary, market and industry settings that are adapted to B2B situations. It addresses challenges of B2B markets, such as direct VS indirect distribution.

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B2C-Consumer Goods

This version features vocabulary and industry settings that are adapted to fast moving consumer goods markets. It addresses challenges behind consumer goods marketing strategies such as repeat purchases, retention rates, private labels or share of shelf space.


What instructors say about Markstrat

“Each time we use Markstrat, we see an amazing transformation in our students into highly analytical, confident, and finance-savvy marketing decision makers. The students have a lot of fun competing among themselves in highly engaging marketplace scenarios.”

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- Lewis Lim, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing Practice, Nanyang Business School

Turn your students into strategic marketers with Markstrat today