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Brand strategy training with BrandPRO business simulation

Brandpro is a brand strategy simulation to introduce brand strategy concepts in core marketing courses. With a clear focus on Targeting and Positioning, participants will oversee the marketing of x2 brands over the course of 5 simulated years.

Built on extensive experience with our strategic marketing simulation, Markstrat, BrandPRO will energize your program and generate excitement among your participants. It’s a perfect fit for core marketing and brand strategy training courses and will only take 3 hours to complete.

Key concepts

Brand targeting strategy

Product strategy

Pricing strategy

Communications strategy

Put into practice

Conduct market and competitor analysis

Product price decisions

Brand resource allocation

Research and development projects

Sales and distribution strategies

Advertising campaigns

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BrandPRO features

Totally web-based and paperless, our brand strategy simulation is very intuitive and straightforward to implement.

Available in English and Spanish.

What instructors say about BrandPRO

“BrandPro is an excellent way for participants to experience the impact of strategy in business, as it shows how brand strategy is a combination of strategic craft and management science. BrandPro generates a lot of energy in the class and participants – across audiences and geographies love it.”

Prof. Dr. Andres Cuneo, ESADE Business School, Spain

Professor Andres Cuneo


“Participants were very enthusiastic in taking on the role of a marketing manager and competing against other firms in a simulated market environment.

The simulation works smoothly and is extremely user-friendly both from a participant’s and an instructor’s perspective. Brandpro was extremely well appreciated by the participants both in the MBA classes and in my executive education sessions. The competitive spirit among teams and learning of segmentation, targeting and positioning are all well achieved, much like in a longer simulation.”

Wolfgang ULAGA, Professor B2B Marketing and Strategy at IMD, Switzerland

BrandPRO features
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