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Your journey towards unprecedented sales success begins here. Are you ready to harness the power of corporate value creation and achieve remarkable results?

Value Capture Selling

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"Value Capture Selling is the Sales Book of the Decade" - Selling Power CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner

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What Sales Professionals Are Saying About

Value Capture Selling

Value Capture Selling

"Most sales forces focus only on revenue, not value capture. JC Larreche’s book can help you make the necessary transition. If you are in Sales, read it because the data revolution is increasing scrutiny from Finance and others in your firm about how selling efforts build or destroy enterprise value. And if you are a C-Suite executive, read it carefully, because selling affects core elements of value creation. Strategy, growth, or attempts to increase the stock price without attention to Larreche’s observations about this fact are limited or, worse, going down the wrong path."
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Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School, author of Aligning Strategy and Sales and Sales Management That Works
"How do we transform the sales function by keeping the customer at the center while creating value for our company? It’s a big question that finds powerfully insightful answers in this new book, Value Capture Selling.  Here, sales and marketing expert Larreche takes us on a reflective and inspiring journey—a journey that is as pleasant and inviting as a walk in the park on a beautiful spring day."
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Anna Campagna, Sr. Director Global Sales, HEINEKEN


"Value Capture Selling is a very compelling and complete work that illustrates well the challenges of the transition from product value to corporate value—both for the customer and for the supplier. JC Larreche lays out a powerful framework for any sales professional anywhere to win in this new world of selling!"

Laurent Beraza, Director - UK, Germany, France - Microsoft Solutions Support Sales

As a former CEO and seasoned consultant, Larreche brings a wealth of expertise in sales and marketing to this insightful book. By focusing on the importance of value creation for both the customer and the corporation, this book revolutionizes the sales approach."

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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author



"Value Capture Selling is an excellent reference for any sales professional who would like to improve their ability to create and capture value for their firm. I absolutely love the short but sweet chapter on leadership—it leaves a lasting impression! The ever-more-relevant concepts of BATNA and ZOPA are brilliantly demonstrated, and the emphasis on preparation is rightly hammered home! I especially loved following the story of Tom the sales pro—it felt like listening to a story of my colleague!"
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Manish Kumar Singh, Global Head of Marketing, Customer Services & Solutions, IGT Systems, Philips Healthcare


"I know from years of personal experience that sales organizations, sales leaders, and salespeople are always looking for something new to gain a competitive edge and win. In this book, JC Larreche provides a compelling and powerful new approach for creating—and capturing—corporate value."
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Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy and author of Sales EQ 
"There has been a major shift in sales objectives from delivering revenues to the creation of corporate value. Value Capture Selling is the first book to embrace this shift, and I am thrilled that JC Larreche has written this modern and innovative guide to sales. I fully agree with this approach, and I am certain any sales pro will benefit by applying the valuable lessons within."
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Philippe Chiappinelli, VP Sales & Partners Europe, Etiya
"With Value Capture Selling, JC Larreche has created a powerful offer for readers. This book doesn’t contain only theory, but it is also an interactive book that asks you to think, “What would I have done in this same situation?” By the end, you will be taken through a real sales negotiation experience, putting theory into practice and elevating your negotiation skills to the next level, where you will be ready to create incredible new success stories!"
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Enrico D’Aiuto, Senior Vice President Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Biotest AG


"Value Capture Selling is a highly practical and forward-looking book that is a must-read for sales professionals and organizations worldwide. Larreche’s book challenges traditional sales techniques and provides new approaches for achieving more with less."
Dr. Haisen Ding, Founder and CEO, World Executive Group and World Brand Lab


"I am thrilled to endorse Value Capture Selling, a comprehensive and insightful guide that redefines the art of successful business relationships in today's competitive landscape. The book skillfully highlights the importance of commercial roles while providing a clear roadmap for creating value for customers and partners alike. It’s an essential read for every sales professional looking to foster meaningful, collaborative partnerships—today and long into the future."
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Dominique Ferrier, Global Accounts Director, FMCG co.


"Value Capture Selling shows how to navigate the ever-changing sales landscape with greater insight into the model of value selling that’s traditionally focused on customer centricity.

The author provides a novel approach that leads salespeople to a more effective negotiation position that satisfies customer needs while creating corporate value for your business. A must-read for anyone who wants to win more sales and achieve higher profits."
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Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher, Selling Power


"Selling with the emphasis on corporate value requires more business acumen and a stronger leadership attitude from sales professionals—that is, an upgrading of their function. In Value Capture Selling, JC Larreche provides sales professionals in every industry the knowledge they need to excel in this exciting new world. I highly recommend this book!"
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Omar Haddadeen, Inside Sales Analyst, BOMBARDIER


"This book provides the key for sales pros in any industry, anywhere in the world, to succeed by mastering the art and science of corporate value creation. It’s an essential tool for sales success in today’s fast-changing markets."
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Mark Levy, The Big Sexy Idea Guy
"Creating value for your company and your clients is the true definition of a win-win deal. However, many forget the corporate value part of that equation. Value Capture Selling helps focus your sellers not just on selling well, but on how to sell in ways that positively impact the health and growth of your organization. A must read!"
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Gráinne Maycock, Chief Revenue Officer, Acolad Group


"Value Capture Selling is a great book containing many good answers for all executives seeing corporate value maximization as the next must-win-battle. This requires a total alignment around the strategy and accordingly, a full transformation of the organization, starting from sales."
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Tolga Pekel, Group Vice President Corporate Strategy, Bekaert
"This book provides sales professionals with powerful new tools to help them understand and implement value-capture selling, thereby ensuring that they contribute to the corporate value of their firm. A definite must-read for every sales professional!"
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Dominique Rouzies, Professor HEC Paris and Academic Dean, BMI Executive Institute


"I recommend Value Capture Selling to any sales leader or professional who wishes to better understand how the science of sales has evolved in these increasingly complex and dynamic times, especially within the corporate environment. In this book, JC Larreche provides an insightful strategic perspective on the dichotomy between marketing and sales, while focusing on the essential skills and competencies needed by the new generation of sales professionals."
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Giulia Stefani, Director of Global Sales Training & Education, SH&A, Medtronic plc


"Just as Larreche’s book, The Momentum Effect, inspired me to change my approach to doing business, his latest book—Value Capture Selling—offers a powerful approach to business and sales transformation. The book provides readers with an immensely practical view of how the work of sales pros is changing and what needs to be done to continue to be successful in today’s fast-changing business environment."
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Fabio Villanova, Sr. Director Commercial Europe, Thermo Fisher Scientific


"Reading JC Larreche’s latest book is like taking a walk with him and learning about a new universe that expands beyond the traditional definition of a ‘salesperson.’ It’s a place where you will have an unlimited opportunity to innovate independently—regardless of what kind of business you are in. This is one book I will always keep on my desk!"
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Alessandra Vizza, Business Director EMEA, NSA & India, Corning Reactor Technologies


"Professor JC Larreche has firmly captured the spirit of how today’s selling model is shifting to corporate value creation. In today’s digital e-commerce world, clients look to sales professionals to help them drive market share, profitability and client satisfaction when it comes to a more complex sale. As Revenue Enablement practitioners, it is upon us to ensure our programs are driven towards capturing value at the point of sale, which helps make our reps trusted advisors to our clients."
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- Russ Walker, SVP Revenue Enablement, Datasite


"In Value Capture Selling, Larreche has given sales pros the keys to a more successful, influential and fulfilling occupation – this is truly a redefinition of the modern sales role. If sellers understand and follow the principles in this book, they will show greater leadership and confidence over their role in business performance. It’s not an easy road. Doing Value Capture Selling effectively requires rethinking your depth of business acumen, the way you engage with customers and your market, and the emotional energy you bring to the job. Yet, it makes you as a sales pro an indispensable part of what must take place for the organization to create both short and long-term value."
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- Spencer Wixom, President and CEO, The Brooks Group

"Larreche's timely Value Capture Selling book offers a profound, necessary understanding of the third sales transformation and related strategies to improve sales performance by focusing on corporate value creation. From leveraging the drivers of corporate-value creation to applying good value-capture tactics and closing, the reader receives a must-have roadmap and toolkit. I particularly appreciated the final section on Make Yourself Lucky because if sales is a struggle for everyone, it is less so for those who understand it, and know how to enjoy, learn, perform, and be lucky as rightfully recognized by Larreche!"

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- Joël Le Bon, Professor of Marketing & Sales, Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School

Value Capture Selling:

Driving Corporate Value and Empowering Sales Excellence


Author JC Larreche

INSEAD Professor, StratX Simulations Founder

Value Capture Selling dares to explore the crucial link between sales excellence and corporate value creation. It transcends revenue generation, empowering you to drive profitability, capture market share, and delight customers like never before.

Written by INSEAD Professor JC Larreche, renowned for "The Momentum Effect," this book equips you with powerful strategies to thrive in today's competitive landscape, honed in the REVMANEX Simulator!

Master the art of corporate value creation with "Value Capture Selling" and discover the "3rd Sales Transformation" through real case examples tested in REVMANEX. 


Modernize Your Sales Approach

Leave outdated methods behind and embrace a new era of sales effectiveness. Learn how to adapt and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

Unleash the Power of Corporate Value

 Understand why creating corporate value is the key to long-term success for your organization and its partners. Gain insights into the far-reaching impact of value creation.

Master the Drivers of Value

Dive deep into profitability, market share, and customer satisfaction—the pillars of corporate value. Learn to leverage these drivers to ignite your sales performance.

Close Deals for Success

Discover battle-tested techniques to close deals that deliver optimal value capture. Negotiate with finesse and finesse to secure mutually beneficial agreements.

Prepare for Value Capture

Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies to excel in value capture scenarios. Sharpen your negotiation skills and seize every opportunity to maximize value.

Craft Winning Strategies

Learn the art of strategic framing and tactics that amplify your value capture efforts. Align your actions with your organization's objectives to drive exceptional results.

Experience the Sales Revolution with REVMANEX 

Reading about value capture is just the beginning. Put your knowledge into action with REVMANEX, the immersive simulator designed to sharpen your value-capture selling skills. Engage in realistic scenarios, test your strategies, and witness the impact of your decisions firsthand.

Ignite Your Sales Potential: Order Value Capture Selling Now and Access REVMANEX for a Transformative Sales Journey!


Don't wait another moment. Order your copy of Value Capture Selling today! And put your skills to the test with REVMANEX to experience the sales transformation firsthand. Join the ranks of top-performing sales professionals who have unlocked the secrets to value creation and elevated their careers to new heights.