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Marketing Instructors Share Their Stories Using the Markstrat Business Simulation

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Instructors have been using our strategic marketing simulation, Markstrat for over 35 years to help give their students hands-on, real-world marketing skills . As the simulation has evolved, so has the way instructors use the simulation in their classes. Here, some of our instructors share their #MarkstratStories on how they use the simulation in their classroom, and why. 

Preparing students for the workplace


Professor Sandy Becker from Columbia University is a long-time Markstrat user. Here he talks about how he uses Markstrat to prepare his students for their future job roles. Listen to him explain how this experiential learning tool develops key skills essential to the workplace.




Key reasons why I use the simulation


Another loyal user and Markstrat advocate, Alan Malter from the University of Illinois at Chicago, shares 2 key reasons why he has decided to stick with using Markstrat in his programs for over 20 years.



Getting versed in all aspects of a business


You can't successfully run a company or work together as a team without understanding how each department fits together. Professor Mary Beth Furst, Clinical Professor of Marketing at the University of Maryland, explains how Markstrat forces students to see how every aspect of a business works, from R&D to sales and production, and how working together as a team is another key element to becoming effective marketers in the workplace.



Developing soft skills


Professor Abe Schwartbard from Rutgers University shares why he thinks the Markstrat simulation is the perfect way to develop soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration, time management and coordination skills.


Create a successful teaching story in your classroom


Discover how Markstrat or any of our business simulations can positively impact how you teach. 

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