The REVMANEX Global Challenge

Are you the world's best sales person?

Can you negotiate deals with the most difficult buyers? Are you a master of understanding client needs? Do you manage your emotions well under pressure?

If so, we invite you to compete in the REVMANEX Global Challenge. Test your selling skills and see how you rank against the competition across the world in a fun, virtual competition.

How does it work?

You will battle against others in our virtual sales business game, REVMANEX. As a sales rep, your goal is to successfully negotiate a contract with a customer. You'll need to make smart decisions to achieve the best results. Your sales objective is to achieve the highest bonus based on market share, gross contribution, and customer satisfaction. You can even play up to 5 times. Only your highest score will be considered.

The REVMANEX challenge will close on June 30, 2021 at 5PM CET and we will nominate 2 winners on July 1st 2021. The player with the highest bonus score and the player with the best learning points will each win a $1000 Amazon gift certificate. In case of tied winners, they will share the prizes equally.

*The challenge will allow you to test one part of our REVMANEX business simulation. If you’d like to learn more about the entire simulation game, contact us.


Who can enter?

Anyone can enter this free, global competition:

  • sales professionals
  • consultants
  • students
  • professors
  • etc....

All you need is to have a competitive-edge and some sales knowledge (and an internet connection!).

Ready to take on the challenge?