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Customer Case Study

Biotest AG uses StratX Simulations to build value creation negotiation skills for their global sales & marketing teams to achieve revenue excellence in the bio pharma industry.

The Situation


As a plasma supplier for biotherapeutic drugs in more than 90 countries, Biotest works directly with local partners & distributors instead of relying on subsidiaries to sell their product in local markets. One of the biggest challenges they face is the highly volatile and volume-sensitive nature of human blood plasma.

Since there are volume constraints with their plasma product, the Biotest teams must rely predominantly on using price as a negotiating lever when selling to their distributors. Due to this, it’s imperative that teams learn a savvy approach on how to negotiate effectively.

The Solution


The Biotest global sales & marketing team decided to implement an intensive sales & negotiation training for their employees dealing with selling their product. This included area managers in charge of local distributors, head of regions, head of business operations, and the marketing team.

 The message they wanted to convey was clear: employees must adopt a “never stop negotiating” attitude, to better understand the business process and to get an in-depth understanding on how negotiations work.

  As a company that strongly believes in learning-by-doing, the Biotest management team wanted to incorporate a memorable exercise that would get participants to actively put concepts into practice so that the learnings would stick for the long term.

  So, as part of a week-long online training, which included practical theory on sales strategy & negotiation tactics, Biotest relied on the REVMANEX sales simulator, to get participants to take on the role of sales reps negotiating contracts with clients and making business decisions, in a risk-free, realistic environment.



With the global sales & marketing teams’ busy schedules, the organizers needed to implement a training that would create maximum impact with minimum disruption.

To boost engagement & involvement, they decided to create the “Biotest Negotiation Week” which included theory, competitive practice with the REVMANEX simulator and awards for the top performing teams.

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Set in an online format, it was flexible & easy to organize across teams & countries. The sessions were also recorded and sent to participants so that even if they couldn’t attend live, they were able to follow the training and play the simulator at their own convenience.

StratX Simulations provided in-depth training for the 3 Biotest in-house facilitators to run the REVMANEX simulator, who were also part of the sales & marketing teams. StratX Simulations also delivered support & guidance to the Biotest team when needed during the Negotiation Week to ensure a successful program delivery.



According to Guillaume Rondeau, one of the REVMANEX facilitators, participants were immersed completely in the simulator experience, starting right from the first meeting.

They were motivated to keep going to continue to do better as the meetings went along. The simulator managed to bring out the competitive spirit in the participants, and it created a fun, exciting learning environment.

Even after the participants completed all the meetings in the simulator, many of them wanted to play it again, to try to outperform themselves and their colleagues.

In the end, the Biotest Negotiation week was a success.

The company was so pleased with the outcomes from the REVMANEX sales simulator, that they are ready to integrate this simulator into their yearly sales training initiatives.

They are also considering using the REVMANEX simulator to assess potential candidates in the recruitment process.



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