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Implement the Marketing Mix with MixPRO business simulation

MixPRO provides an impactful way to step into the life of a junior brand manager and take control on Marketing MIX decisions for x2 brands. In 3 hours, participants will have to develop a sound MIX tactics for their brands to get ahead of virtual but fierce competitors over the course of 5 simulated years.

Built on extensive experience from our marketing simulations Markstrat and BrandPRO, MixPRO will energize your introductory marketing programs and generate action-learning and excitement among participants.

Key concepts
Product decisions
Pricing decisions
Communication decisions
Salesforce & distribution decisions
Put into practice
Conduct market and competitor analysis
Design a product
Set product prices
Allocate advertising resources
Choose the right communication channels
Set distributor margins
Turn your students into junior brand managers with MixPRO today
marketing mix simulation software

MixPRO features

Totally web-based, MIXPRO is very intuitive and straightforward to implement.

Available in 2 languages: English and Spanish.

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