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[Video] The Power of Momentum in Sales: The Value Capture Selling Journey - Part 1

Selling Power, the leading digital magazine for sales managers, recently reviewed "Value Capture Selling", StratX Simulations founder J.C. Larreche's latest groundbreaking book on selling in the modern age. Join us as we dive into the insightful two-part series featuring renowned sales expert and Selling Power CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner on Selling Power TV. In this first part, Gschwandtner explores "Value Capture Selling," and its foundation in Larreche's previous work, "The Momentum Effect."

The Impact of "The Momentum Effect"

Gschwandtner highlights how the concepts discussed in "The Momentum Effect" drive profitable growth in today's challenging business environment. Learn how customer-centric companies achieve exceptional profitable growth while spending less on marketing, emphasizing the importance of customer centricity in driving corporate value.

The Top 3 Stages of Momentum

Uncover Larreche's comprehensive framework for creating momentum. Gschwandtner highlights the top three stages: customer discovery, the power offer, and customer engagement. The book provides valuable insights on uncovering customer pain points, developing compelling solutions, and fostering engaged communities.

Airbnb: A Case Study in Momentum:

Gschwandtner explains how Airbnb harnessed Larreche's concepts to revolutionize the travel industry. From customer discovery to exceptional customer engagement, Airbnb encompasses what businesses should strive to acheive to take advantage of the momentum effect.

The Significance of Customer Engagement:

The Momentum Effect focuses on how customer engagement fuels momentum and drives growth. For businesses to unlock their full potential, they must take advantage of the positive feedback loop created by emotional customer connections and learn how to foster meaningful relationships.

Unlocking Unlimited Growth Potential:

In the Momentum Effect, Larreche explains how human dissatisfaction is a driving force for value creation and growth. Larreche's insights will inspire you to continuously strive for improvement and meet evolving customer expectations.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where Selling Power CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner shares his 10 memorable quotes from The Momentum Effect and explains why he believes that Larreche's new book will be the "sales book of the decade".

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