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A Circular Economy Marketing Challenge - UCLouvain FUCaM Mons – Louvain School of Management

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Now more than ever, students need the knowledge and skills to integrate sustainable business practices in the real world. Educators such as Caroline Ducarroz, Professor at UCLouvain FUCaM Mons – Louvain School of Management, Belgium, understand the importance of teaching students these principles.

Putting Circular Economy Concepts into Practice

Professor Ducarroz has helped co-develop our latest business simulation, Circular Markstrat, which allows learners to put into practice sustainability & circular economy principles through experiential learning.

According to Caroline, students have trouble truly understanding the Circular Economy. In the classroom, educators can give examples of companies that have succeeded in adopting circular practices, but the concept still remains unclear. 

That's where Circular Markstrat comes in: a highly immersive business game that allows students to actively implement circular economy decisions, such as developing sustainable products and processes, and see the business impact. 

Circular Markstrat Pilot Program


Caroline recently ran a pilot program using Circular Markstrat at UC Louvain in Mons, Belgium. Over 40 students took on the challenge of running a virtual company in a highly eco-sensitive market. The goal was to get students to understand how marketing can play a crucial role in the circular economy.

After the program, most of the students agreed that Circular Markstrat:

  • Allowed them to better understand environmental challenges
  • Allowed them to better understand what actions a business can take to adopt a circular economy approach
  • Was a fun and enjoyable learning experience
  • Allowed them to learn a lot

Overall Circular Markstrat Rating

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User feedback from the Circular Markstrat pilot program:


Student discussions between simulation rounds 


Congratulations to Caroline, her team and to the students who participated in the Circular Economy Marketing challenge! If you would like to implement Circular Markstrat in your courses, please request a demo below.

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