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EMAC 2018: Professors' classroom stories from across the globe

At the end of May, we attended EMAC 2018 at the Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow. EMAC brings together some of the best Marketing professors from across the globe, so we took this opportunity to speak to and collect #ClassroomStories from the professors to share their success stories with the wider community. Watch our videos to hear from the professors themselves.

We asked professors: How do you implement active learning?

Here’s what they said:

Thank you to the following professors for sharing their stories:
• Donghoon Kim, Professor, Yonsei University
• Matteo De Angelis, Associate Professor of Marketing, LUISS Guido Carli
• Alena Kostyk, Assistant Professor, NEOMA Business School
• Silvia Cacho-Elizond, Associate Marketing Professor, IPADE Business School
• Vatroslav Skare, Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Business and Economics

The brave professors also shared their funniest teaching stories

Here’s one of our favourites from Vatroslave Skare, Assistant Professors from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Business and Economics:

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Want to hear more? We’ll be attending AMA in the US in August where we’ll be collecting and sharing even more #ClasroomStories. If there’s anything you’re particularly interested in asking professors, leave a comment on our Linkedin post with your ideas.