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An In-Depth Look at Getting Trained & Certified in Simulations


Many of our simulation users take advantage of our onsite and online training sessions to better understand how to implement them in their courses.

Even though the simulations are generally easy to use and to integrate into a course, participants find taking part these training courses helps to really get a strong grasp on how they work and feel more at ease teaching them.

The benefits of certifications

Our onsite certification sessions are an opportunity for users to collaborate with their peers, and to get a truly hands-on experience using the simulations. A simulation expert runs the program, and ensures that each user fully understands the ins and outs of the simulations.

Users not only learn to master the simulation themselves, they also learn how to identify potential challenges that both instructors and students may run into during the course of the simulation, and they develop skills on how to face these challenges.

Onsite certifications are intensive, covering all aspects of the simulation in a few days’ time. This format lends itself well when participants want to experience the full impact of the simulations within a short period.

Professor Milena Nikolova from The American University in Bulgaria, felt the onsite program was a enriching experience for her on a professional level.

“In addition to learning about the best marketing simulation, the session was a rewarding professional development experience. I had the opportunity to interact with excellent colleagues from all over the world and to enrich both my network and professional expertise.” 

Two formats, same benefits

Our online sessions offer the same benefits, and tend to be a good solution for users who cannot take the time to do an onsite program.

Run over the course of several weeks, the online sessions allow for quite a bit of flexibility for users.

Michael Sampson, a consultant who recently participated in an online Markstrat certification program, gained confidence in running the simulation after completing the program.

I found the online certification in Markstrat to be extremely useful and interesting.  The instruction was excellent – clear, easy to understand, and highly interactive.  The instructor was very experienced and approachable.  I feel confident that I can run a simulation using the Markstrat software.  In addition, they encourage you to connect with them if you have any questions after the training to be sure that you have all the information you need to be successful at delivering a Markstrat simulation. 

New advanced user sessions to explore even further

Regular users of our simulations can also benefit from our “Advanced User” sessions. These sessions were developed to help those who already have a strong grasp on how to run a simulation in their courses, but want to take it to the next level. In these sessions, specific, in-depth questions are addressed, and users can really dig deep into the subtleties of the simulation, in order to optimize using it in their courses.

Attendees who complete the certification training programs feel they can deliver successful programs that have a real, measurable impact. With the insights provided during the sessions, they are well-equipped to make sure that the simulation experience is a success for their participants.

To find out more about our certification training programs, https://web.stratxsimulations.com/certifications/

You can also contact us for more information about our upcoming programs.