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International Student Competitions: Improve Your Students' Simulation Learning Experience

Well known to increase student engagement, business simulations are usually used in marketing courses.

But what if there was a way to make the experience even more engaging, memorable, and enjoyable?

Adding a wider scope of student competition to the mix can be a great way to improve the student experience. An international student challenge event allows students from different countries to meet up at a university. They play against each other for 3 to 5 days, learning to work in an international environment.

It’s a great opportunity to mingle with new people, learn new way of working, and discover a new country.

Our European professors enjoy using our leading simulation Markstrat through the Dukenet Challenge.

Dukenet is an international union of universities, in the field of commerce and business. It gathers private and public institutions from 13 countries (France, Spain, Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, and Russia).

Since 2000, Dukenet organizes an annual or semi-annual competition focusing on Markstrat. It challenges Master level students to develop successful marketing strategies in a cross-cultural environment.

We interviewed Professor Paco Suay, who hosted the Dukenet CEU Valencia 2016.

Who are you?

I’m Paco Suay, Director of the Master in Marketing at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and Chief Marketing officer of Pikaband.

How many students participated in the Dukenet CEU Valencia 2016 challenge?

About 119 students participated in the challenge.

What countries are the students from?

Netherlands (Avans University),  Belgium (Howest University), Italy (Trento University), Germany (Kassel University), France( IUT de Quimper),  Rumanía (Bucarest University), Polonia (Katowice University of Economics), Spain (Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera), Hungary (University of Budapest), and Russia (Ural State University of Economics).

What is your role in this competition?

I’m the host so I don’t participate in an active way in the competition.

 Since when have you been hosting this competition?

The first time was in 2013, and now is the second time, April 2016.

 Why did you choose Markstrat?

I discovered Markstrat in 2010 thanks to the Dukenet network in Quimper (France).

What are the different benefits from this competition?

The benefits from this competition are to learn how the marketing of a company works..  Also, it allows to improve your skills of team work, leadership, and to learn how to work in an international team.

Read more about the Dukenet Markstrat Challenge in the international press:

CEU: https://medios.uchceu.es/actualidad-ceu/el-ceu-ha-acogido-la-mayor-competicion-de-universidades-europeas-en-estrategia-de-marketing/