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Digital Markstrat Instructor Insights

Since the launch of our latest digital marketing simulation, Digital Markstrat, several of our esteemed instructors have already tested the action-based learning tool in their courses. Recently we sat down with 3 of them via Zoom conference, where they shared their feedback on how their experience went. They explained specifically what they found useful, what worked particularly well, and what their participants retained, and how Digital Markstrat creates impact, whether used virtually or face-to-face.

Creating engagement virtually with Markstrat & Digital Markstrat – Associate Professor Tarun Dewan

To boost marketing and digital marketing concepts in an engaging and interactive way, Associate Professor Tarun Dewan did an exciting experiment with his Marketing students. He ran Markstrat as a complement to his 4th year undergrad capstone course, and used Digital Markstrat for a group of students who had already graduated and didn’t have the opportunity to use Markstrat yet. Due to the pandemic, he ran the programs 100% virtually.  Here he shares his experience using both simulations this past summer at the University of Toronto – Scarborough.

Developing critical digital skills for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs & leaders – Leadership Development Facilitator Michael Sampson

As a leadership development facilitator and certified coach practitioner in Kenya, Michael Sampson used Digital Markstrat with a group of 12 young African entrepreneurs and up and coming leaders to help develop skills essential to running a business or leading a company in the digital workforce. He found the practical application of digital marketing decisions beneficial, and his participants were able to apply what they learned to the real world. Learn more about how he used the simulation in the video below.

Closing the digital comprehension gap for students – Senior Marketing Instructor R.C. Natarajan

Markstrat advisory board member and longtime user RC Natarajan believes Digital Markstrat to be a useful tool for clarifying the role of digital in marketing strategy, something that he has found complicated for students and professionals alike to understand. In this video he explains how the simulation not only simplifies digital marketing concepts, it also brings them to life in an engaging and exciting manner.  Learn more about his experience using Digital Markstrat in an MBA Marketing strategy course that he taught at ITM University, Gwalior, India recently below.

If these instructors created impact in their courses with Digital Markstrat, so can you!

There’s really no better way to teach digital marketing strategy concepts than through our latest action-based digital marketing simulation, Digital Markstrat.  Developed for higher education, executive and corporate programs alike, Digital Markstrat has a running time of 2-5 days and will challenge your participants to think critically about digital marketing strategy. Get in touch with one of our advisors to get started using Digital Markstrat in your programs today.