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On-Site Instructor Certification Sessions

How can you ensure your programs are a huge success? By becoming a certified StratX Simulations instructor. Join your peers for a lively and informative training experience to master our simulations. Our next instructor certification sessions will take place on-site at our Paris office.

Upcoming Sessions

Digital Markstrat:

  • November 28th, 2022
  • Instructor: Sophie Changeur (University of Picardy)
  • Price: 1000 EUR

BOSS (Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation)

REVMANEX (Sales & Negotiation):

MixPRO/BrandPRO (Marketing Mix/Targeting): 

  • December 2nd, 2022
  • Instructor: Sandrine Mace (ESCP Business School)
  • Price: 1000 EUR

Key Learning Points

In addition to leaving you with a sense of empowerment  that can only come from a dedicated and hands-on simulation experience guided by an expert, you will also learn:

  • How to get started with the simulation(s) and introducing rounds

  • How to master the simulation  & instructor tools

  • The Prepare - Analyze - Decide process

  • Presentation tips for intermediary sessions

  • How to employ the tutorials and preparing debriefs

  • How to coach participants and teams

What instructors have to say about our on-site certification training

“The on-site certification session was really helpful. Learning and playing with the simulation hands-on in the workshop helped me overcome my hesitations that this simulation would be challenging to use in the classroom. The professional workshop execution and the wonderful support of the staff has definitely reassured me to use the simulation in my teaching!”
Dr. Barbara Stöttinger, Associate Professor, Academic Director, Professional MBA Mktg & Sales, WU Vienna (Austria)

What you will get when you join us for an on-site certification session:


  • Master our simulations with a simulation expert, who has extensive knowledge of our simulation models.
  • Explore our simulations on both the instructor and participant side.
  • Exchange with peers from around the world to design successful programs.
  • Tips and expert advice on how to successfully run our simulations.