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Online Instructor Certification Sessions

Upcoming Sessions


Digital Markstrat (Digital Marketing Strategy):

BOSS (Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation) - Latest version with new & improved interface!: 

REVMANEX (Sales & Negotiation):

MixPRO/BrandPRO (Marketing Mix/Targeting & Positioning)

What you will get from the sessions

  • Master the simulations with our simulation expert, who has extensive knowledge of our simulation models.
  • Explore our simulations on both the instructor and participant side.
  • Tips and expert advice on how to successfully run our simulations.


“The Markstrat online training course was very useful because due to its format, I did not have to waste time or resources, (and) I had access to a first level training program in a quicker and more practical way.”

Professor Ana Cano, Universidad del Pacífico, Peru