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BOSS Quiz: Are you an Entrepreneur Expert?

How well do you know Blue Ocean Strategy?

Test your entrepreneurship and innovation skills by taking this quiz below.

1. What is the primary objective of Blue Ocean Strategy?
2. What consistently separates winners and losers in creating Blue Oceans is their approach to:
3. Blue Ocean Strategies are:
4. What are the four guiding principles for a successful Blue Ocean Formulation?
5. What are the key questions that should be asked when challenging an industry's current operation?
6. A true Blue Ocean Strategy will have these defining characteristics:
7. Which of the following is not an aspect of a good strategy canvas?
8. What is the optimum strategic sequence in Blue Ocean Strategy?
9. Arriving at a cost structure that is both profitable and hard for potential followers to match is called:
10. What is an example of shifting the strategic focus to Blue Ocean Strategic logic?