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Simulations that fit your academic needs

From introductory to high level marketing, strategy and innovation, we have a simulation to fit your needs. Explore our range of simulations trusted by world-renowned academic institutions across the globe to help your students excel in the classroom and step into the real-life business world.

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Fundamental strategic marketing concepts to turn your students into effective marketers

Experienced marketers, MBA and Master students

12 to 20 hours

B2C durable goods (electronics), B2C consumer goods (cosmetics), B2B (mechatronics)

  • Learn the fundamental strategic marketing concepts: segmentation, targeting, positioning, brand portfolio strategies.
  • Manage established and emerging market strategies.
  • Experience essential marketing tools and conduct market and competitive analysis.
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Digital MediaPRO

Become savvy digital transformers

Core Marketing, Media Courses, Academic & Executive levels

3 hours

Energy Drink Industry

Learn media planning, execution tactics, specific language. Experience key media digital challenges.

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Step into a Junior Brand Manager’s role

Core Marketing Courses, Academic & Executive levels

3 hours

B2C Durable Goods (electronics)

Learn targeting and positioning concepts through product, pricing and communication decisions

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Effectively apply the marketing mix

Core Marketing Courses, Academic & Executive levels

3 hours

B2C Durable Goods (electronics)

Learn key marketing mix levers. Achieve Brand Performance through coherent and tactical Mix Marketing decisions

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Innovation concepts with Blue Ocean Strategy to create trends, eliminate competitors and own your market

Experienced executives in strategy and innovation, MBA and Master students

6-12 hours of decision-making

Video game console industry, retail industry

  • Move from a Red Ocean to a Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Experience BOS concepts and tools: Value Innovation; 6-Path Analysis; Strategy Canvas; Four-Action Framework
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