About Us

It was over 30 years ago that our founder, Jean-Claude Larréché, Alfred H. Heineken Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, began searching for ways to have his students apply the business concepts he was teaching them in realistic contexts.

If you help students learn from their mistakes now, they are far less likely to make a mistake when the costs are real.

Driven by this vision, Jean-Claude went on creating the Markstrat simulation, which is at this very time used by more than 500 academic institutions, including 8 of the top 10 international business schools, and 25 of the top 30 in the USA. He also became a passionate advocate of action-based learning, fiercely believing that both students and professionals will profit just as much from living such interactive and intuitive experiences as part of their skills development.

Why simulations ?

StratX Simulations offers you risk-free platforms for testing and implementing ideas any way you want to. All participants leave the experience with a more analytical way of thinking and thus are more prepared for the real world’s challenges.

The StratX approach reinforces competitive thinking and market understanding. Each marketing simulation or business simulation clearly reflects the impact that a sudden competitive move or a change in customer needs can have on a company. Our simulations also encourage teams to look beyond status quo for insight and ideas.

StratX simulations engage participants on a more emotional level. The fast pace and hands-on experience creates an intense energy which makes participants eager to apply their new skills. It is a lot of fun, but also hard work.

The Global Team
Jean-Claude Larréché

Founder & Chairman

Stephanie Zanon

Managing Director – Licensing Global

The Boston Licensing team

Paul Ritmo

Licensing Director Americas 

Region: East Coast & Midwest USA

Nadia Stoyanova

Account Manager
Region: Canada and the Western & Mid-western United States

Jesica Zelek

Senior Account Manager (South America)  

Region: Latin America & Southeast USA

The Paris Licensing Team

Patricia Huber

Senior Account Manager

Region: France, Southern Europe & Africa

Elisa Möller-Pouyadou

Senior Account Manager
Region: Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, East & SE Asia, Oceania

Christine Xaysakda

Account Manager
Region: Northern Europe & Central Asia

April Giarla

Digital Marketing Project Manager

The R&D and Support Team

Ali Oulhaci

Simulation Designer

Aurélien Dauvergne

R&D Project Manager 

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