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Paris Onsite Certification Programs | StratX

Join us in Paris for our upcoming onsite certifications. Highly hands-on and practical, our certifications will give you valuable experience that you will put in to practice in your classroom.

Why attend? 

  • Master the ins and outs of our simulations and instructor manual
  • Learn potential challenges you might run into and how to face them.
  • Collaborate with our simulations expert and other professors on best practices

Learn more about our certification programs.


Paris Onsite Certification Programs

MIXPRO BRANDPRO                       MARKSTRAT                          BOSS (Blue Ocean Strategy)

Oct. 2nd, 2017                             Oct. 3-4th, 2017                       Oct 5-6th, 2017              

or                                                          or                                                     or

Dec. 11th, 2017                            Dec. 12- 13th, 2017                 Dec. 14-15th, 2017

1-Day Session                                   2-Day Session                               2-Day Session

Location: Paris, France                  Location: Paris, France               Location: Paris, France

Price: 1,000 €                                  Price: 2,000 €                               Price: 2,000 €

Paris Onsite Certification Programs These certification programs are led by one of our experts, Rémi Triolet.

Rémi has over 20 years’ experience teaching business simulation strategy and delivery. Learn more.