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On October 29th 2012, over 20 000 Undergraduate and MBA students in Mexico, Spain and Argentina started the first Round of the 6th edition of the Beertual Challenge. In teams of 3, they had to manage over weeks a brewing company and a product portfolio in a dynamic and interactive environment. Beertual is a challenge that was created by Grupo Modelo in order to enrich the education of students from Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

Participants have the opportunity to develop their management skills as they manage the operations of a virtual brewery (Beertual) in a virtual country called Beerland. During the course of the competition, they have to make decisions about Finance, Sales & Distribution, Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Social Responsibility.

The 100 best performing teams in the simulation are selected to play the Semi-Finals. During those, they need to develop a business plan forecasting their teams in the next 5 years with the results from their simulated experience.
The 14 best teams are invited to present their findings to the CEOs of Grupo Modelo, HP and other large International firms.

When selected, the winners are awarded tuition fees in a top European academic institution and travels.