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While Markstrat is praised by most of the top business schools throughout the world in its B2C Durable Goods version, StratX acknowledges the increasing need for professors to address industry specific challenges. To help them do so, we have launched two new versions of Markstrat:

  • Markstrat B2B for specialized courses and executive programs with B2B companies.
    Participants will have to manage a B2B firm for up to 10 simulated years in an established market and will be offered the ability to enter an emerging market. Competition will be fierce, with teams playing against each other, and we guarantee you that the learning experience and emulation will be unique!
  • Markstrat B2C Consumer goods. This version of Markstrat shows specific challenges of consumer goods environment and is built on the cosmetics industry examples.
    Its specificities include repeat purchases, retention rates, share of shelf space, merchandising, etc.

You will enjoy the smooth management of a course built on our universally accessible, flexible and intuitive platform. Our built-in tools, which provide detailed insights, conclusions and suggestions for improvements for all your teams, will be a great help to coach your teams efficiently!

To discover these exciting new tools, StratX cordially invites you to request a free Webinar presentation.