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StratX Simulations Corporate Strategy Games

The most effective managers learn from on-the-job experiences, by actively experiencing and figuring out concepts themselves. But with learning comes mistakes, and these mistakes can often be a costly process for the business. Our world-renowned corporate strategy games mimic the business world and provide a safe environment where executives can learn and acquire the critical thinking skills and business instinct and behaviours needed to succeed back on-the-job.

Corporate strategy games create an engaging learning experience

Key benefits of using corporate strategy games for your corporate training programs:

  • Executives learn in a safe, cost-free environment
  • Executives acquire critical thinking skills, behaviours and attitudes they can apply back in the office
  • Executives learn through a highly engaging environment that boosts team work, competitive spirit and excitement
  • Corporate strategy games provide a deeper level of understanding and higher retention of theory
  • Our corporate strategy games follow a proven learning model: 70:20:10 – with 70 percent of learnings coming from on-the-job experience, executives are certain to apply the learnings after the training

Training programs designed with ease for corporate academies:

  • Our simulations can be adapted to both onsite or e-learning programs
  • Our corporate strategy games are fully web based and no installation or complex procedures are required
  • We can train in-house trainers organized at your offices or provide our own pool of expert simulation instructors experienced in delivering to executives
  • You have the possibility to co-deliver the first program with our instructors to ensure successful implementation

A corporate strategy game challenge success story

We collaborated with a notable brand in the computer and software industry during an internal marketing summit in Northern Europe.

The initiative:

  • A brand strategy challenge using BrandPRO business simulation to conclude the three day event.
  • Over 100 Marketing Managers from 50 countries were divided into 22 teams.
  • StratX Simulations instructors who co-delivered the challenge went around the tables to respond to team questions and provide advice.
  • With a stopwatch projected onto the main screen, the teams had three hours to make critical marketing decisions of their fictional brand over the course of five simulated years.

Simulation impact:

The challenge enabled the participants to apply the learning concepts presented throughout the summit while making new relationships with colleagues, boosting team work, raising the energy and instilling a fun competitive spirit to end the summit.

Corporate Training Example
A solution for your corporate training needs:

Discover our turnkey corporate strategy games below or get in touch with an advisor to find out how we can custom design simulations for your specific training needs.

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