Contest Terms & Conditions


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Students have two months to submit their videos:

Professors have one month to vote for their favorite video:

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We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, creative, and well-connected students!
Any students who meet the following requirements can participate:

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Registration is easy!
1st step: Record a video of up to 90 seconds, focusing on what you’ve learned from our simulation.
Remember you must include the following:

  1. The top key learnings from the simulation
  2. The ways that you worked as a team during the simulation
  3. Feedback about using a simulation as a learning tool

2nd step: Post your video on your YouTube Channel using the title “We Love StratX Simulations”
3rd step: Enter in our contest on our website. Make sure you enter with your YouTube link and fill out the entire form.
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The We Love StratX Simulations contest is free!
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When you buy your license, you will receive an automatic email including  information and links about the contest.
Any additional instructions will be provided on our website or via email.
Make sure you provide us with a valid email address.
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The video has to complete the following conditions in order to be eligible:

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Participants will be disqualified if:

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You can record the video by team. It’s actually recommended for a better overview of your experience.

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For Mac users:

  1. Open QuickTime Player – Go to File>New Movie Recording
  2. A window will pop up giving you a preview of what your webcam is capturing.
  3. Hit the red record button to capture your testimonial.
  4. When you stop recording, a new video file will be placed in your User>Movies folder (names Movie
  5. Send us the video when complete

For PC users:

  1. Go to Windows Movie Maker – Go to File>New Movie Recording
  2. Click the “Red/Record” button. To save your video, click the “Blue/Stop” button
  3. Rename your video and save it in the “My Videos” library
  4. Upload on our YouTube or share your link

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  1. Introduce yourself and say what you do.
  2. Summarize you experience. Be specific by giving concrete examples and be sure to include the 3 required points
  3. Share key moments
  4. Feel free to express yourself as you would like.

Aesthetic tips on a quality video (90 seconds max)

Click here for more video tips 

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Videos will be judged based on quality and if all video criteria has been fulfilled.
The video with the most votes will win. Only votes from professors will count.
Professors will evaluate the videos based on how effectively they portray the simulation experience & the 3 required points.
Other factors such as creativity will be taken into account as well.
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The voters will be university professors currently teaching worldwide.
Professors will receive a private link by email to vote. You won’t be able to see your score until the voting period is over.

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The winners will be announced on December 12th 2016.
The results will be sent to each participant by email and will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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There are very interesting prizes to be won when entering the contest.
We will let the winner choose between one of these three prizes or to mix them:

You will have to choose:

The total amount of the prize is $500.
(these are only suggestions but you can choose whatever you want as long as you let us know)
If you choose to have one winner in your winning team (team lead who creates and submits the video):
If you choose to split the prize with your winning team (example with a team of 5 students):
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For any specific questions or requests regarding the contest, please contact us at