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Insights : Innovation

How interactive learning games use AI to teach business skil...

We are seeing the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, resulting in the creation of a whole new educational playground.

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5 Tips for Personalizing Learning with Technology

Read on as we seek to provide 5 tips for personalizing learning with technology and deriving the best results for your learning jo...

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Select teaching methods that engage learners

Three revolutionary teaching methods that we believe will dominate business education for the next few decades.

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The future of the professor

We know higher education is evolving, but how will these changes impact the future of the professor? In your own words, here's wha...

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Why I use BrandPRO and BOSS in my Marketing classes

Segmentation, targeting, positioning: how do you get beyond theory, and help students really experience marketing? Professor Edgar...

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The StratX Simulations Team is delighted to announce the launch of a new version of the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation, BOSS.3 B2...

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