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The future of the professor

We know higher education is evolving, but how will these changes impact the future of the professor and how can professors start adapting their skill-sets to become future-fit?

We reached out to our network across the globe: from StratX Simulation instructors to professors attending various conferences such as EMAC and EMFD. We received over 100 responses, but here we share the most common insights on the future of the professor.

The role of the future professor

You told us the role of the professor is becoming a facilitator, a mentor and a coach – that you’ll need to stay on top of learning, be innovative, digitally smart and adaptable.

The role of the future professor as described by our community

The future learning experience

The future of learning will be experiential, interactive and life-long. You’ll need to offer a blend of both analog and digital learning that’s accessible anytime and from anywhere.

The future learning experience as described by our community

Skill-sets for the future workplace

Creativity and innovation will be the most important skill-set you’ll need to equip students with for the future workplace, followed by analytical thinking, complex problem solving and people management and emotional intelligence.

Future learning tools

To create meaningful learning experiences you will need to use storytelling and be a strong communicator. You will need to use video learning and new technologies such as AI and big data and you’ll need to adopt gamification and business simulations to engage with the next generation of students.

Learning tools for future learning as described by our community

A learning tool for future needs

From working in a team to solve complex problems to creating and launching profitable brands fit for market, our business simulations put the essential soft and hard skills required for the future workplace into practice. They also provide a fun and engaging learning environment to develop these skills, either online or in traditional learning spaces. Contact one of our advisors today to find out how our business simulations can help you become future-fit.